How To Style A Denim Shirt In 2023

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Denim shirts have always been a wardrobe staple, and in 2023, they continue to be a popular choice for both men and women. With their versatility and timeless appeal, denim shirts can be styled in various ways to create different looks for different occasions. Whether you’re going for a casual, laid-back vibe or a more polished and sophisticated ensemble, here are some tips on how to style your denim shirt.

1. Pair it with Jeans

One classic way to style a denim shirt is to pair it with jeans. However, make sure to choose jeans in a different wash or shade to create contrast and avoid the dreaded denim-on-denim look. Opt for a lighter wash denim shirt and pair it with dark wash jeans for a stylish and balanced outfit.

2. Dress it Up with a Skirt

If you want to dress up your denim shirt, try pairing it with a skirt. A denim shirt tucked into a high-waisted skirt creates a chic and feminine look. Choose a skirt in a contrasting fabric, such as a flowy floral print or a sleek leather, to add visual interest to your outfit.

3. Layer it with a Sweater

For colder days, layer your denim shirt with a cozy sweater. This adds warmth and dimension to your outfit while still maintaining a stylish and effortless vibe. Opt for a neutral-colored sweater or experiment with bold, contrasting colors for a more fashion-forward look.

4. Knot it at the Waist

To add a touch of casual flair to your denim shirt, try knotting it at the waist. This creates a flattering and youthful silhouette while also showing off your waistline. Pair it with high-waisted shorts or a flowy skirt for a summery and relaxed look.

5. Style it with a Blazer

For a more polished and sophisticated look, layer your denim shirt under a blazer. This combination adds a touch of structure and professionalism to your outfit, making it perfect for a business casual setting or a stylish evening event. Choose a blazer in a complementary color to create a cohesive and well-put-together look.

6. Accessorize with Statement Pieces

To elevate your denim shirt outfit, don’t forget to accessorize. Add statement pieces such as chunky necklaces, oversized sunglasses, or a wide-brimmed hat to create a stylish and eye-catching look. These accessories can instantly transform a simple denim shirt into a fashion-forward ensemble.

7. Go for a Denim-on-Denim Look

If done right, a denim-on-denim look can be effortlessly cool and stylish. To pull off this trend, make sure to choose denim pieces in different shades or washes to create contrast. Pair a light wash denim shirt with dark wash jeans or vice versa for a balanced and trendy outfit.

8. Mix it with Prints

Don’t be afraid to mix your denim shirt with prints. Whether it’s a floral skirt, a striped pair of pants, or a polka dot dress, denim shirts can be a versatile piece to mix and match with different patterns. Just make sure to choose prints in complementary colors to create a cohesive and harmonious look.

9. Keep it Simple with Basic Pieces

Finally, when in doubt, keep it simple with basic pieces. Pair your denim shirt with classic wardrobe staples such as black pants, white sneakers, or a leather jacket. This creates a timeless and effortless outfit that can be worn for various occasions.


In 2023, denim shirts continue to be a fashion staple that can be styled in numerous ways. Whether you’re going for a casual, chic, or polished look, these tips on how to style a denim shirt will help you create versatile and on-trend outfits. Experiment with different combinations, accessories, and prints to make your denim shirt outfits truly your own.

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