30+ Curly Hair Plopping Method

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30+ Curly Hair Plopping Method. Just be sure to have a large enough shirt to do the job. This hack has become viral due to instagram and tiktok.

How to "Plop" for Curly Hair (Plopping) YouTube
How to "Plop" for Curly Hair (Plopping) YouTube from www.youtube.com

It also helps your hair absorb moisture and product better. Wet plopping helps your curls clump together and helps frizz find its way home. I prefer a microfiber towel if i dry my hair sans the plopping.

In The Shower I Used Shampoo And Conditioner.

Your curls should spill onto the. Dip your clumped curls into a shower cap. If you’re using a shirt, you want the neck hole facing you.

Wrap A Towel Around Your Head And The Shower Cap To Keep Water From Dripping All Over You Or Place A Towel Around Your Shoulders.

But i noticed time frames ranging from 15 mins to an hour. I prefer a microfiber towel if i dry my hair sans the plopping. Who find their hair is reluctant to absorb product;

Just Be Sure To Have A Large Enough Shirt To Do The Job.

Step 2) with your curls on the top of your head (some will gather their strands into a high pony) bend over and let them pile up onto the shirt until the crown or your head just kisses it. Plop for up to 20 minutes. As you know micro plopping is where you gently scoop and scrunch wet hair.

Lay Your Piece Of Fabric On A Flat Surface, Like Your Bed.

While holding the edges of the shirt at the nape of your neck, grab at the sleeves near your forehead and twist them together to tighten the bag around your head. Likewise, a classic towel wrap will make curls stretched and uneven. Place your hair in the center of the tee or the towel, placing.

Even If Using A Diffuser.

Now that you have the key product, you can follow this easy guide to plopping. It’s great for night time showering when you don’t have another hour left to diffuse because you want to get some sleep. The bowl method is a way of conditioning and hydrating curly hair after you’ve shampooed it and before you style it.